Our Boards and Directors

Supervisory Board

  Mr. B.W.H. Guis  Chairman of the Board
 Mr. H.S. George  Member of the Board 
 Mr. J.A. Stam  Member of the Board
 Mr. R.W. Croes (Sr.)  Member of the Board
 Mr. F. Tuininga  Member of the Board
 Mr. P. Dams  Member of the Board

Management Board

 Mr. Michiel Helfrich   Chairman of the Management Board and Managing Director
 Mrs. Sharon Fränkel - de Cuba Managing Director


Management Team

 Mrs. Rocila Acosta  Executive Director (Retail, Platinum ,and Insurance)
 Mrs. Gina Habibe  Executive Director (Corporate, Commercial, MCP ,and Card Center)
 Mrs. Nataly Simmons  Executive Director (Credit Risk, Compliance ,and Security and Premises)  
 Mrs. Marleen van der Borgt
 Executive Director (Operations, Finance ,and Risk)
 Mrs. Barbara Bronswinkel  Regional Human Resources


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