Aruba Bank sponsors Foundation Snoop Doggy's book for 3rd graders

Aruba Bank N.V. on Thur 28 September 2023 09:07:43 AM GMT

Foundation Snoop Doggy, in partnership with Aruba Bank, is on a mission to educate young minds about responsible pet ownership and compassion towards animals. 

The initiative of Foundation Snoop Doggy focuses on creating a series of engaging reading books designed for children aged 6-10, instilling vital values and knowledge for a better future. Their first book features the lovable Snoop Doggy as the main character, taking children on a journey of empathy, care, and proper treatment of pets through exciting adventures. 

On this note, Aruba Bank, along with Foundation Snoop Doggy, had the privilege of visiting St. Michael School in connection with the celebration of World Animal Day.

Aruba Bank was honored to have been a part of the official handover of these educational books to 3rd graders of St. Michael School, fostering a love for pets and responsible ownership.

Thanks to the Foundation Snoop Doggy for making this visit possible.




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