Aruba Bank's big event: MEGA The Return

Once again, a success!

Aruba Bank N.V. on Tue 13 September 2023 10:35:23 AM GMT

Aruba Bank has once again exceeded all expectations with its Car Sales Campaign & Event, the largest auto sales campaign and event in Aruba. This year, the event made a "come-back" in its original format, bearing the name "MEGA The Return." MEGA attracted many existing and new customers who were enthusiastic about Aruba Bank's offers, including the benefit of buying a NEW car and starting payments as late as March 2024.

From the moment the campaign and event were announced, Aruba Bank experienced great excitement among the various car dealerships in Aruba. As a result, promotions for the campaign were activated, and customers immediately started visiting the dealerships and Aruba Bank itself to make their dream car a reality.

Other benefits of the campaign included loan approvals with a "0" down payment and reduced interest rates of only 5.00% to 5.25% (effective interest rates varied between 5.12% and 5.38%). Several customers also chose to extend their loan terms to six or seven years to make it possible for them to purchase their dream car and still have a convenient monthly installment.

Aruba Bank extends its thanks to all visitors who supported Rotaract by purchasing food or drinks and helping them raise funds to achieve their community assistance goals.

Aruba Bank expresses gratitude to all car dealerships, not forgetting the dedicated team of employees who worked on the preparation and execution of the event. Lastly, they thank the Aruban community for choosing Aruba Bank as their bank to realize their NEW car dreams. It is a pleasure to provide services and products to the community and, in this way, assist customers in achieving their goals.



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