Aruba Bank was present at opening of ‘Cas di OPPA’

Aruba Bank N.V. on Wed, 08 Sept 2021 09:27:19 GMT
To celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the OPPA (Organizacion Pensionado Publico Arubano) a ceremony was held by OPPA to celebrate and inaugurate their new headquarter building, 

To remember the hard work of the previous directives, Mr. Ivo Valdes, current President, presented a ‘Special Edition” book to commemorate the “Cas di OPPA’ (OPPA 1988-2021) opening. Mr. Valdes thanked Aruba Bank to realize the publication. The book will soon be ready for distribution 

Representative of Aruba Bank’s Corporate Department, Mrs. Lissette Danker, was present for the opening of “Cas di OPPA’ to personally congratulate the president and all members.

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