Welcome to the Aruba Bank App (version 3.0.1)!

We are excited to introduce the latest version of our mobile banking app, designed to offer you enhanced security and convenient features. Here are some of the key highlights:

  1. Enhanced Security: The registration, login, and payment processes remain unchanged, but we have implemented state-of-the-art solutions for generating login codes, providing you with the best security available for transactions. 

  2. Device Block and Unblocking: If you enter the wrong PIN multiple times, your device will be temporarily blocked for security reasons. Similarly, entering the wrong OTP (One Time Password) during web login will lead to a temporary block. After one hour the block will automatically release for you to try again. No need to call the contact center when you accidentally enter your code three times wrong.

  3. Cards View: We have introduced a new feature that lets you easily view all your credit and debit cards within the app. You can now request a travel notice and block a card, all from one place. 

  4. Activation Link Fallback: In the rare case that the app doesn't open through a deep link, you can manually enter a registration token received from the bank to initiate the registration process. This ensures a smooth experience, even in unforeseen circumstances.

  5. Proof of Payment: We have aligned the design and data of the PDF statements. This ensures consistency and ease of use when accessing your account statements.

  6. Overdraft facility: Experience hassle-free banking with our Mobile Banking App's latest innovation. Whether you need to set up permanent drafts for recurring bills, or temporary drafts for one-time payments, we've got you covered. Easily activate if needed from your Aruba Bank App.  

  7. New Personalization features: You now have the option to Arrange the order of Portfolios, allowing for your preferred Portfolio to appear higher on the list. Dark and light mode is now also supported in your Settings.

  8. Dual Approval Visualization Improvements: With our improved visualization, you can now see which items are approved by you but pending approval from others. Details of the approvals are readily available, giving you full transparency and control (this feature is only available to Business Customers).


Note: you can expect the app to be available in your App Store during the week of October 16th, 2023. 

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