Aruba Bank Signs Agreement to support Stichting Deugdelijk Bestuur Aruba (SDBA)

Corporate governance is a responsibility of all of us, as such, Managing Director, and Management Board Chairman of Aruba Bank, Michiel Helfrich signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Stichting Deugdelijk Bestuur Aruba (SDBA), represented by Mr. Armand Hessels, to support their research projects.
The foundation works to ensure that the quality of Corporate Governance practices in Aruba are of high standard. The aim of the foundation is to generate awareness among stakeholders in the community about the general responsibility towards a healthy and sustainable Aruba. The research projects planned and supported by Aruba Bank will serve as a base to raise awareness within the community of the necessity to work according to standards of reliable management and to protect the general wellbeing of the people of our island.
Aruba Bank has been walking side by side with the Aruba community for close to a decade. It is our aim that our contribution to SDBA leads to meaningful recommendations of policy options for addressing challenges faced by our community regarding corporate governance issues.

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