Apply for an Internet Savings Account

We value your time and your savings toward your goals. Let us help you save money and time using your Aruba Bank App and Aruba Bank Online.

Apply for your Internet Savings Account, schedule your monthly savings, and you are good to go.
If you are an existing customer, you can apply for your Internet Savings Account using your Aruba Bank Online account.
Calculate your monthly saving amount to achieve your goal.

Internet Savings Account


  • Attractive interest rate of 1.40%
  • Deposit on your account from the convenience of your home
  • View your growth 24/7
  • Transfer to and from your Current Account anytime


If you are an Existing Customer, simply login to your Aruba Bank Online and apply for your Internet Savings Account!


Note for the 
New Customer; you must first open an Aruba Bank Current Account to be able to apply for your Internet Savings Account. 

Apply now


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