Inspiring Tomorrow's Eco-Champions: Aruba Bank Circular Economy Project

Welcome to Aruba Bank Circular Economy Project, where we are committed to shaping the eco-champions of tomorrow through innovative education and engagement. Our initiative aims to instill the principles of a circular economy in the minds of young learners, fostering a deep understanding of sustainability, resource conservation, and responsible consumption.


About our initiative 

 We believe in empowering the next generation with the knowledge and skills to create a sustainable future. Our Circular Economy Project is designed to:

1. Educate and Inspire: Through engaging presentations and the School Challenge, we aim to educate students about the concept of circular economy, its benefits, and the role they can play in making a positive impact on the environment.

2. Hands-On Learning: We believe in learning by doing. Our initiative includes practical activities and real-life examples that allow students to experience the principles of a circular economy firsthand. All students will receive a book during the school presentation.

3. Guest Speakers: Impact Blue representatives will share their insights and experiences, giving students a broader perspective on the importance of a circular economy in today's world.

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for the Circular Presentation 

We would like to visit your school to give a presentation on Circular Economy to your 5th graders. The goal is to teach the kids about the topic and the benefits of Circular Thinking in our community.  

School Registration

Registration is possible until February 10th, 2024.

Start the change you want 

We are excited to announce the "Circular Economy School Challenge" – a unique opportunity for primary school students to showcase their creativity, critical thinking, and commitment to sustainability.

Challenge Objectives:
1. Project-Based Learning: Students will work in teams to develop a project that embodies the principles of a circular economy. This could include upcycling projects, waste reduction initiatives, or innovative solutions to everyday challenges at their school.
2. Presentation Skills: Participants will have the chance to present their projects to a panel of judges, enhancing their communication and presentation skills.

Sign up for the School Challenge 

We encourage the children to develop or empower an existing Circular project at your school and present this in front of a panel of judges. The students are free to use any tool to make their presentation. We allow one team per school.   

School Challenge registration


1st Place: AWG 10.000

2nd Place: AWG 7.500

3rd Place: AWG 5.000

Rules of Participation 

1. Project Development: Students will have 2 months to work on their projects, with guidance and support from teachers and mentors.

2. Only 1 registration per school

3. Presentation is max. 10 minutes, and max 5 presenters. 

4. Presentation tools can vary (powerpoint, video, poster etc)

5. Presentation day: schools will be invited on a specific date to present their project to a panel of judges. 

6. Judgement criteria: Project will be judged based on content, creativity, teamwork, and presentation skills.

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